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Photo Fun Excursions: Allentown Rose Gardens

Actualizado: 26 de jun de 2020

I took numerous photo trips during 2019, with most of them being in the Summer. Some were individual or with friends, while others were part of an amazing photography course I took at Northampton Community College (Tannersville, PA). If I dedicated one blog to all the trips I took last year, that blog would be long! So, instead, I have decided to feature some of these trips in my blog twice a month, entitling them “Photo Fun Excursions” My goal is to introduce you to some of the places I loved exploring. These are the places where I captured great photos, but most importantly, created great memories. This week’s stop- the Allentown Rose Gardens in Lehigh Valley, PA!

Last June, my friend—another avid photographer—and I took a trip to the Allentown Rose Gardens. I had never been to the rose gardens before, so my friend figured it would be a good idea to take a trip there. It was a beautiful warm and sunny Saturday. Perfect weather for visiting the gardens! Free to the public and opened since 1931, the gardens are situated between Hamilton Street and Linden Street in Allentown. It’s a gorgeous sight to have a wedding or to take engagement or prom pictures (make sure to check online for the rules and regulations of having such events). There is a paved walking trail, so you don’t have to worry about walking in the grass or on uneven terrain. There are also three pavilions and an exercise center for those 50 and older. A 1.3-mile loop—the exercise trail—is also present. My friend and I spent a good two hours here, photographing the roses and other types of flowers, walking along the exercise trail, and enjoying each other’s friendship.

Despite the virus that caused many roses to be removed, there was still plenty to capture! For these shots, I mainly used my Canon T6 Rebel with the Tamaron 18-200 mm lens and my Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless with the 14-150 mm lens. I found the pictures taken with my Canon camera showed more detail up close, while the pictures taken with the Olympus camera showed more vibrancy. Nevertheless, taking two cameras is always a good idea! Switching off helps to preserve battery life and gives the camera rest. In hot temperatures, it’s still good to not overwork the camera. Photographing with two different types of cameras helps to create a diverse collection of images. Since it was a sunny day, no flash was needed. Although I didn’t have it with me at the time, a useful addition would have been a polarizer filter. Polarizers help to create even more vibrancy when photographing on a bright and sunny day. Overall, I am happy with the images I captured and am looking forward to future trips to the garden!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my excursion and looking at the pictures I captured. Consider taking a trip there and enjoying the beauty for yourself: 3000 Parkway Blvd, Allentown, PA.

Thanks for reading!

XO Gina

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